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Various Types of Effective Print Marketing Materials

Any quality printed sales materials are actually integrated for the success of your marketing efforts. Rather than the case of bombarding a prospect with all of the information one time, you should consider breaking that information to various pieces which will answer the questions of a prospect in the different stages of the buying process.

From there, you must consider developing a sales funnel that will be able to provide you with more information as consumers will get closer on the buying process or will take another action. What you will find below are some of the best print marketing materials which you have to consider using so you will be able to increase sales.

Business Card

Business cards are usually being overlooked, but they are very powerful if being implemented correctly. When you provide your team with a business card and let then hand it out to other people, you will get potential customers in the future and returning customers will have your information when they need it.

Letterheads and Envelopes

A custom letterhead and envelop will help create a sense of legitimacy towards your printed communications with customers. The use of quality paper on your letterhead and then printing this will a full-color logo will be able to show your customers that you are truly paying attention to detail for all aspects for your business.

Presentation Folders

Giving your customers with a stack of papers actually is a way in having your marketing materials just thrown away easily. But placing the information inside a custom presentation folder ensures that the documents will stay together, will not get damaged and are also put in a safe place.

Brochures of the Company

Every business needs a brochure which will be able to let customers know about the goods and services which you are providing. The company brochures can actually give your customers more detailed information about your company.


Though you could always tell people about your website, catalogs are chances that will be able to highlight your profitable items. Catalogs likewise have higher retention rates than website because customer usually keeps them for a long time and will go back to them when needed.

There are likewise some customers who actually feels more comfortable with the use of catalogs compared to using the internet, which will in fact give them with one which shows that you are truly willing in going the extra mile.

Product Data Sheets

You also could give your customers with full-colored sheets in a product flyer that comes with a detailed information regarding the specifications, benefits and features of the services and products being provided by your company. This will be able to help customers in feeling more informed and confident regarding making decisions.