Super Swamper 1640 16 Tire LTB LTB 204 The Super Swamper TSL LTB is basically a more aggressive version of the Super Swamper TSL. They utilize the same TSL three stage lug design as the famous Super Swamper TSLs but the large lug is offset more to the outside which gives the tire superb traction. TSL is a lug pattern with massive short, intermediate and long lugs that are each uniquely arranged, proportioned and spaced which allow them to bite quickly and self clean rapidly. The LTB is bias ply constructed, which allows for the more aggressive lugs and very strong sidewalls to better resist the rigors of hard core off roading. The bias construction also reduces the chances of sidewall splitting when run off road at low air pressure. Super Swamper TSL LTBs are D.O.T. approved off road, purpose built tires that also provide surprisingly smooth on road ride. Super Swamper TSL LTBs are available in select wheel size and width variations from a 31x11.50 15 to a 47x17 17 with updated sizes added regularly. Note that the Super Swamper TSL LTBs unique design requires strict attention to air pressure when run on the highway, and actual tread patterns may slightly vary based on tire size. Tire Size 40x1616LTBlack LettersRim Diameter 16Tread Ply Rating 6Max Load 2535lbs.Tread Depth 25.8332Overall Diameter 39.80California Residents WARNING $420.99

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That provides excellent traction in a wide range of environments. View details.

Super Swamper LTB.

IROK Radial. Based off of the original TSL the Interco Super Swamper LTB is even more aggressive than the original. The Interco Super Swamper LTB is even more aggressive than the original.

The large lugs are offset more to the outside which. The LTB can tackle rock climbing snow and Synergy Control Arm Double Adjuster Sleeve 3622 07 14l Pl.

1 0 1 Tire LTB LTB 0 for your Truck or Jeep at Tuff Country 3 Inch Lift Kit 13720k. Search For Tires by Dimension Using These Filters Starting With Any Dimension.

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