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Benefits of Luteolin

Luteolin is a vital phytonutrient found in foods such as celery, artichokes, rosemary, and carrots as well as peppermint. Both doctors and online stores that deal with health foods do sell luteolin supplement. Luteolin is widely used in the treating of high blood pressure and in improving both digestion and liver functioning.Read on and find out more about the benefits of luteolin.

Since luteolin is a powerful antiviral agent; it can be used to prevent multiple bacterial diseases and eliminate various harmful viral strains that could contaminate the body. Thus why many doctors prefer using luteolin in lessening the early symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

Luteolin has a lot of antioxidants.And as it is with other antioxidants, luteolin also protects the body from harmful free-radical agents. Also, luteolin will assist in preventing reactive oxygen organism from damaging your DNA, proteins, and lipids.

After some experiments were carried out on rats, researchers found that luteolin could inhibit death in heart cells. The outcomes of the luteolin research showed that cardiovascular diseases could be prevented and treated by increasing the life of the cell and also eliminating any form of oxidative stress. From the experiments, it was found that luteolin was able to assist in improving the condition of the heart cells after they were damaged by simulated injuries that came as a result of heart cells lacking a flow of blood.

Moreover, studies show that luteolin can minimize the chances of being depressed.While scientists continue to investigate more about mental illnesses, biological and hereditary factors are being considered. But endoplasmic reticulum stress has proven to increase the probability of medical depression that causes the death of neuronal cells due to extreme stress. Luteolin supplements enable an individual to deal with environmental stress.

In addition to the above, experiments conducted by scientists prove that luteolin fights cancer. A flavonoid, a compound found in luteolin that inhibits the growth of blood vessels in tumors, prevents the development of the cell cycle as well as inducing cell death. However, luteolin was found to decrease tumor growth in ovarian cancer cells.

Besides it has proven to be an effective treatment for respiratory disorders, vision disorders as and diabetes.

Luteolin also helps in protecting your eyes from the harmful UV radiation.As a natural sun protectant, it is good for preventing UVB-induced skin aging.

There are some signs that show when a person needs to take luteolin which include poor neurological functions especially for people over the age of 50, chronic signs such as inflammatory conditions and auto-immune disorders.

Even though luteolin offers a vast range of benefits, it is important to consult a doctor before including luteolin supplements in your medical regimen.

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