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The World of Fashion

Fashion is a name that has been echoed all over the world since the dawn of time. It is an ever-changing topic, a trend that is slowly becoming a livelihood to others. Fashion is inclusive of each gender, all sizes, and every age. The world of fashion touches all, from beauty to clothing, decorations, and machinery, to all gadgets and accessories. Fashion is a world that can never be exhausted. But to be able to connect this world of fashion to the outside world, professionals are needed. This means that there are a lot of job vacancies and opportunities in this vast world. One only needs to be sure of what they want to do; otherwise it will get overwhelming and confusing. So, what are some of these options that are open to you?

In the world of fashion, dressing aimlessly is out of question. You must feel good as you look good. A Fashion Stylist is the one who handles all that. The occupant of this post must be conversant with all the trends, fabric designs, styles, colors and all accessories that crown the overall look. You have to be conscious of the skin tone, age, shape, size, and any other minute detail of the person you are attending to. It is the work of the Fashion Stylist to know all the outfits for specific weather conditions and events. Above that, they are in charge of selecting the best pieces of photos in events, compiling them to make the final masterpiece.

There is a position which is occupied by the person who will be in charge of the outward image of the business, firm, magazine, store or the fashion house. The outside world will see what they want them to see. That image seen in advertisements, fashion films, photoshoots, etc. Fashion Coordinators are the ones who fill that gap. They can also be called Fashion Directors or just Creative Directors.

I’m pretty sure you have all heard of weather forecasters. Do not be surprised to hear a position in fashion just like that. He/She is known as a Fashion Forecaster. Fashion Forecasters look into the future and extrapolate the new trends and styles that will be prevailing by then. In the vast world of fashion, this is probably the most prestigious rank. The only problem is that it is not an easy task, and you have to sweat for it. In order to know what to expect, they have to analyses all the existing fashion trends, the early ones too, and also do a lot of research on the same.

There is that person who is in charge of coming up with new ideas, new designs, new creations that will be developed and fitted by all. This is a very consuming position as it demands creativity, talent and passion. It can only be filled by a Fashion Designer.

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